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Simple HVAC Sensor Installation – Part 2

Posted by craig on September 19th, 2011 at 5:17 am

This is the second post of a two post series demonstrating the flexibility and simplicity of installing our sensors.

Answers to the questions from the first post (Part 1)

- How many sensors do you think our system would need to monitor a system this large? Only 6 sensors to monitor this entire cooling tower system!

- How to keep the sensors from getting destroyed in a harsh environment? All sensors are sealed in UV and water resistant plastic enclosures.

Rugged Sensor

- Where do you place the sensors and not interrupt building operations? Since they are installed with industrial strength tape and are non intrusive they can be place almost anywhere, that means no equipment down time or service disruption.

These pictures shows the microphone attached directly to the cooling tower fan housing, no penetrations required!

Fan Housing Sensor Attached to Housing

- Doesn’t the system already have an energy management system?

These towers are monitored with the latest technology from Tridium (Honeywell Controls). Even with all this technology we found lots of opportunities for improvement from load balancing to reducing VFD hunting.

- How long did it take us to install our system? Only 2 hours for 2 people!

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